Vive le roi du rock ’n’ roll

The singer has been a French national favourite for 50 years. Now, as he performs his first-ever gig in Britain, the ‘French Elvis’ talks to Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

Fear of the dark

Mark Rice-Oxley’s ‘Underneath the Lemon Tree’ and Clark Lawlor’s ‘From Melancholia to Prozac’ are forays into the humanity of depression

Mix and match

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Chic to Chic

Nile Rodgers, guitarist and super-producer, tells Mike Hobart about his journey from success to excess and back again

Hypnotic grunge

All-female rock band Warpaint favour a kind of deep interiority over rage

Fire and Rain

David Browne on the demise of rock music icons in 1970

Beyond the city limits

By showcasing the new with the old, can Paris change the way contemporary art is perceived, asks the FT’s art critic