The old-new thing

Curators this year have delighted in juxtaposing Old Masters and contemporary artists – but do the comparisons always make sense?

Cork Street goes pop

Multimillion pound property developments are threatening the future of galleries in London’s art dealing home

Artists talk

Since 1963, Michael Peppiatt has been writing about art and meeting artists. As an exhibition opens in London, a new book compiles 40 of his best interviews. Highlights from both are extracted here

Bright lights, small island

Haunch of Venison launches a special show on British postwar painting, ‘the most underexplored terrain of our national art’

The art of conversation

A new show at London’s Haunch of Venison gallery explores the often surprising dialogue among Britain’s most celebrated postwar artists – and what it reveals about their work

Mews from nowhere

Buildings designed for horses are now among the most desirable homes in London and routinely breach the £1m mark

Winter King

Thomas Penn offers a compelling insight into the dark psychology of Henry VII, exposing the monarch’s near-paranoid obsessions for all to see