‘Gobbledegook’ result for charities

Two charities split £1,000 after FT readers rose to a challenge to translate into lucid English a letter about ‘regulatory income’ from Sir David Tweedie

Acknowledgment of fatal flaw in IFRS

From Prof Andrew D. Chambers. Sir, Sir Chips Keswick (Letters, April 2) asks what Sir David Tweedie means (Letters, March 29) by the ‘gobbledegook’

Worth a good hour of anybody’s time

From Dr James Cataldo. Sir, Sir Chip Keswick’s charge of accounting ‘gobbledegook’ strikes close to home for accounting professionals on both sides of the Atlantic

Gobbledegook or passing the buck?

From Mr Liam O’Keeffe. Sir, I’m surprised that Sir Chips has trouble understanding Sir David Tweedie’s defence of IFRS and their introduction to the UK

Global rules impossible to implement

From Mr Stephen J. Muncaster. Sir, Sir David Tweedie has often remarked that it is not the job of accounting standard-setters to determine the dividend payout policies of banks