Blur: The Magic Whip — review

Band’s first album since 2003 includes Britpoppy riffs and fuzzy squalls of noise with excursions into dub-infused soul

Latitude festival, Suffolk

The Latitude festival celebrates its ninth edition in Suffolk with a choice of arts performances enough to overwhelm even the most organised fan

Blur, Hyde Park, London

While London bid farewell to the Olympics, Blur ensured that, if this was to be their own farewell, they were going out on a high

World is not enough

As the 30th Womad Festival looms, the label ‘world music’ is under challenge. David Honigmann weighs the pros and cons

The Diary: AN Wilson

In praise of German orderliness while deploring American obesity and British ‘outbreaks of drivel’

Dr Dee, Coliseum, London

Damon Albarn and Rufus Norris’s Elizabethan-set mix of music, dance and stunning visuals is a thing unto itself

Damon Albarn: Dr Dee

Album is a curious experiment, combining pastiches of 16th-century church music and madrigals with melancholy 1970s folk-pop

Graham Coxon, HMV Forum, London

The British musician’s set was a masterclass in the alt-rock guitar-playing that transformed Blur in the late-1990s, writes Ludovic Hunter-Tilney