After Orwell

We are missing a British writer to whom we can turn and learn from at moments of national consequence or crisis

Life before death

In ‘Mortality’, Christopher Hitchens showed himself as whole and free as one in his line of work could aspire to be, writes John Lloyd

How to have a conversation

It’s a dying art, struck down by text, email and instant messaging. So, asks John McDermott, can we be taught how to talk to each other?

The Diary: Simon Sebag Montefiore

Sipping margaritas with Richard Dawkins on the sideline of a Sri Lanka literary fest, a glorious Albania book tour and the sequel to ‘Sashenka’

The war on error

The author’s fierce certainties make for fine polemic but often obscure reality. Jason Cowley reviews his memoirs

Speaking of the British

Running a country on eloquence alone hasn’t worked out disastrously for the UK’s ruling classes – or at least not yet

A Wicked Company

Philipp Blom on Baron d’Holbach, the French 18th-century freethinker, and his hedonistic circle


Christopher Hitchens’ memoir traces his journey from Trotskyist to American patriot