The facts of life

An authoritative yet accessible ‘prequel and sequel’ of evolution. Clive Cookson reviews ‘Creation’, by Adam Rutherford

How to dress a fictional hero

Most fiction is a kind of idealised autobiography, says Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher books. So what does his alienated loner wear?

A life scientific

The Italian author and Auschwitz survivor’s radical chemistry-inspired memoir ‘The Periodic Table’ paved the way for popular science writing

Time to do our duty by Nelson

From Mr Lester May. Sir, The Bank of England has issued 14 different banknotes since 1980 and one of each of the four denominations remains in circulation


Paleontologist Richard Fortey’s fascinating stories of enduring species

Here on Earth

Tim Flannery’s at times alarming venture into our planet’s past, present and future