Brian Eno: The Ship — review

Collection employs synthesiser swells and sonar sounds and is a fine meditation on themes of randomness and human agency

Sydney Festival, Carriageworks

Beethoven played on a guitar and a reconceived ‘Othello’ were among the works performed over a weekend of blurred boundaries

Brian Eno: Lux

Latest recording from the ambient pioneer is a mellow hymn to technological Enlightenment

Towers of babble

Deafened in restaurants? Assaulted by noise in offices? Sound design is an essential but all too often neglected question

From sounds to vision

Now in its second year at the Aldeburgh Festival, ‘Snap’ unites local but world-class artists. Rachel Spence went to visit

Dream teams

Art’s A-list gathers in New York for an initiative that matches masters with younger talent, writes Jan Dalley

Sound visionary

As he releases his new album, the musician/producer is feeling positive about his mature work

The sound of the future

DJs, artists and acoustics engineers who promote ambient music in public and domestic settings are finally gaining mainstream credence