Let us adore them

It’s been a good year for painters, male dancers and female pop stars – tempered by heroic dissidence and untimely death, writes Jan Dalley

Bright lights, small island

Haunch of Venison launches a special show on British postwar painting, ‘the most underexplored terrain of our national art’

Taryn Simon, artist

Her latest work explores the collision of order and disorder through portraits that trace the bloodlines of 18 subjects and their relatives

The Inventory: Alex Katz

‘Does the world need another painting? No – but you want to see how it looks,’ says the American artist

Brushes with a camera

Early Kodak cameras offered painters such as Bonnard the chance to make keepsakes of family and friends. But these snapshots also influenced their own art, writes Liz Jobey

The big medium

Don’t be fooled: painting may often be sidelined by installations, video or photography, but some significant openings this week show that gallerists are keeping the faith. By Jackie Wullschlager

Moving pictures

Interest in video art is increasing as artists, galleries and collectors realise the possibilities of the medium

The Richter tale

Tate Modern’s retrospective of Gerhard Richter demonstrates his unrivalled influence as a painter

Harebrained omission

Jackie Wullschlager responds to Tate Britain’s new exhibition of exuberant sculptor Barry Flanagan

Harebrained omission

The works of the exuberant sculptor Barry Flanagan demonstrate an instinct for linearity, playfulness and lightness of touch

Action stations

The first of our autumn supplements takes a look at what’s coming up in the art world’s busiest season