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China tech giant weans itself off dependence on gaming and social media


Sign-in details were stored on internal system in a format readable by company’s employees

Sovereign wealth fund holding talks with Vision Fund companies

Search group accused of ‘anti-competitive’ behaviour in online ad market

French online medical appointment management service cements its ‘unicorn’ status

Internet giant announced launch of cloud-based gaming service

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$1.5bn in government subsidies will support electric scooters, three-wheelers and buses

Move into ecommerce could act as a boost to advertising revenue

New video game streaming service has potential to upend $135bn industry

FT MagazineTim Bradshaw

The idea that we could be captured for posterity, or teleported for a holographic call, is tantalisingly close

AnalysisUS equities

Sector’s leadership of Wall St stocks is set to face political and regulatory tests ahead

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