Collecting: Art in East Asia

As new fair Taipei Dangdai opens its doors, we look at the fairs, people and trends shaping the art market in Taiwan and beyond

Taiwan acquires its own, truly international event with a host of high-quality exhibitors and big sales

How does Taiwanese collecting compare to that in mainland China — and will the new Taipei Dangdai art fair change things?

Taipei Dangdai aims to harness the island’s dynamic collecting culture

Plus: western galleries prepare for the Taipei Dangdai fair; Stik street art restored; Thomas Dane and Simon Preston team up

Taipei has sustained centuries-old Chinese traditions of collecting and connoisseurship — upheld today by patrons like Robert Tsao

The artist is the first woman to represent Taiwan at the Venice Biennale, but she is ambivalent about her nationality and gender identity

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