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Clare McAndrew’s annual survey highlights rich pickings at the top end but offers little comfort for smaller dealers

Top stories in Collecting

What to see at The European Fine Art Fair — plus sales reports and interviews with key figures in the art and antiques markets

Plus, London auctions; Doig’s upward spiral; China’s top artist joins Hauser & Wirth

Plus, Picasso leads the way; London’s new photo gallery; art fair in a Marrakesh hotel

They have confidence in their own taste and judgment in fields beyond the brand names

Now on show in the US, this enigmatic masterpiece is more than a still life: it’s a record of the family’s life and times

A report concludes that buying new works is ‘no more than a marginal activity’ for most art institutions

The former trader on why he buys both ancient and contemporary works

Held in Paramount Studios, the new fair will be smaller than the London and New York editions

Plus: outsider art gets into Basel; Eric Fischl clowns with Donald Trump; dodgy dealings in the 19th-century

The internet has vanquished most old record shops but collecting is still popular — and influential

Gallerist Almine Rech raises questions over the medium; row over museum sell-off; centenary show for Peter Lanyon; British art fair gets £1m

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