A collage of special reports

About Special Reports

Special Reports provide in-depth FT coverage of countries around the world, as well as industries from tech to luxury, and themes ranging from workplace health to entrepreneurship.

They appear in a variety of formats, from magazines and broadsheets, to video and interactive stories.

North America Innovative Lawyers

As we face a period of great uncertainty, we maybe looking to lawyers to be forces for stability and calm

Trading Insight

Political events such as the US election and the UK referendum move markets

FT Wealth

The Winklevoss twins on crypto-currencies, Wall Street and life after Facebook

Innovation in Healthcare

Big data analysis is already helping to reshape sales and marketing within the pharmaceuticals business

Investing in Bulgaria

The first move of Bulgaria’s new president will be to call a general election

Investing in Turkey

President Erdogan is asking Turks to hand him more power in exchange for a bright economic future