• Mergers and acquisitions, and the Orient-Express

    The pursuit of a luxury hotel brand raises some intriguing questions for dealmakers

  • Friendly targets

    Familiarity between companies can make megadeals happen even in today’s depressed M&A market

  • A difficult call

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    Headline-grabbing big deals might suggest the market is on the road to recovery – but we should not jump to conclusions

  • Bad suits

    With 96 per cent of big US deals challenged in court last year, no one wins – apart from the lawyers

  • Do not ignore M&A’s ‘unsexy cousin’

    Careful post-merger integration is vital if deals are to add value

  • Summer and the City

    Festivities from the Queen’s Jubilee to the Olympics cannot lift the gloom among dealmakers

  • Political deals

    In a US election year, some dealmakers claim President Obama has been bad for business. But do the allegations stand up?

  • Reshuffling the pack

    M&A activity may be at a low ebb, but banks need to keep their talent sharp for when the tide turns

  • Why we should welcome overtures from abroad

    Despite M&A activity being at a low ebb, the open-minded UK is attracting increasing foreign interest

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    M&A has started slowly, but dealmaking could still take off

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    Happy new year! Or perhaps not so happy for the world’s dealmakers, who are experiencing the most subdued start to January for some eight years