Salad recipes

From pear and saffron to courgette, pistachio and apricot, there’s a salad here to suit every taste

Buttered potatoes are much closer to heaven than to earth

‘Of all the citrus fruits, pomelo has the perfect balance of sweetness, sourness and bitterness’

‘There are only two main ingredients here but the dish is an explosion of texture and taste’

‘There are few things more inspiring than having a big, live crab in your kitchen’

It travelled back with us and is now a staple of our home and restaurant cooking alike

‘This salad makes a light and attractive starter’

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Till discovering this dish, I had not found a chicken salad I really liked

‘Sometimes the most memorable part of the meal will be the sides: those elements that add interest, texture and context to the meal’

A dose of sunshine colours in your food is an ideal winter antidote