US Steel Industry

President Trump’s import tariffs caused delight in the US steel heartlands and outrage abroad. This report looks at foreign reaction, weak demand at home and innovation in the industry. We meet workers and bosses in Youngstown, Ohio — ‘Steel City USA’ — and interview John Ferriola, CEO of Nucor

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Protectionist move delights steelmakers but raises questions for other manufacturers and fears of trade war

Low domestic consumption takes a toll as well as overseas supply

Youngstown became a symbol of rust belt decline. Can its fortunes be revived?

John Ferriola wants end to piecemeal ‘whack-a-mole’ response to steel dumping

Manufacturers are more concerned about fallout in the world market

The Trump administration has ‘rebadged’ attempts to cut emissions from polluting sector

Producers are developing new, lighter grades, but R&D investment is needed

The market works best when global production and consumption are better aligned