People’s Technology

We look at some of the projects and individuals across Europe using technology in an imaginative way to solve social problems

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Meet the first recruits of a venture to change German business culture

Many central European cities are vying to lure coders and entrepreneurs

The challengers were selected by Res Publica, Google, Visegrad Fund and the Financial Times

Volunteers who earn HullCoins are rewarded with discounts at local shops

A bespoke portal lets more people connect with government

The Horizon 2020 programme is shifting its focus

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Brexit boosts business in ex-bomb shelter that controls plants’ every growth variable

People and communities are putting new technologies to use in solving social problems

Protesters bring apps and data into the battle against tree-felling, fake news and corruption

High-speed internet is as essential as water and electricity say farmers and hotels

Data-collecting gadgets help people hold authorities to account

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