Modern Workplace: Disability

We take a look at the struggles many disabled people face in finding employment, as well as the schemes and technology to help them become and remain economically active

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Good intentions do not always translate into concrete outcomes for capable workers

Lack of opportunity for disabled men and women remains a disgrace, writes former UK home secretary

Acknowledging employee needs is the first step to solving problems

Many organisations remain unclear on how best to comply with local laws

A large gap remains between Beijing’s formal policies and life on the ground

Tools designed to help those with disabilities have wider use

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The burden of impairment is set to rise further as people live longer

Ensuring that buildings can be used by disabled recruits needs thought but not always expense

Challenging attitudes of all staff is essential to improve recruitment and retention rates

Eliza Thornton’s hidden condition requires careful navigation of office life

Employers could do more to offer fair evaluation and to think of ends rather than means

More employers are seeing the appeal of hiring staff on the spectrum

An increase in quotas has coincided with a debate on segregation of staff