Sadiq Khan on London after Brexit: ‘Open is what we are’

Interview: the new mayor on global rivals, self-rule, terrorism and the third runway

Why Brexit could breathe new life into devolution

Local decision-making is a better fit for a complex, divided society

Traffic congestion: is London running out of road?

As the capital’s traffic slows below pre-Congestion Charge speeds, difficult decisions loom

Inside London’s ‘shadow’ music business

Mainstream success distracts from a parallel music industry plugged into sounds around the world

The City of London faces up to the future beyond Brexit

How serious is the threat to the financial services sector — and are there opportunities?

London’s five stages of baffled Brexit grief

Something momentous has happened but nothing has really changed, so we live in a phoney war

Photo of Robert Shrimsley

Can Mayor Sadiq Khan tackle London’s affordable housing crisis?

A soaring population heightens the need for homes, but there are structural hurdles to overcome

How lookalike riverside architecture is drowning out the Thames

Opinion: A radical remaking of the river’s banks has swamped a defining feature of the city

The millennial perspective on Brexit and the City

How do London’s younger finance workers think the Leave vote will affect their futures?

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