Investing in Senegal

The ambitious Emerging Senegal Plan aims for middle-income status by 2035, with investment in energy and infrastructure, business reforms and attempts to reduce poverty. This report includes the surge in FDI from the east, tech entrepreneurs, tourism, oil and gas and an interview with Wari money transfer chief Kabirou Mbodje

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Physical foundations are central to a strategy to develop economy and alleviate poverty

There has been a surge of interest from beyond the traditional western sources

Founders say high taxes and a lack of funding hold businesses back

Wari money transfer chief Kabirou Mbodje on connecting the continent

Progress is swift, but universal access to electricity will take time

Executives and diplomats believe country could dodge pitfalls — but questions remain

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There is progress but land reform and irrigation challenges remain

Local fishermen suffer from the impact of large and often-illegal foreign trawlers

The vibrant city is modernising fast but feels stable and relaxed

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