Investing in Greece

The Mediterranean nation is emerging from an unprecedented economic crisis and is looking to pull off a sustained recovery — a prospect that was buoyed by a return to international capital markets. We analyse the challenges and opportunities presented by Greece’s revival

© Nicolás Ortega

Prospects for the country’s further economic recovery in the light of the reforms and policies in place

The Greek prime minister says why he deserves another term to continue the progress he has made in leading his country out of a crisis

High-achieving female figures are helping a post-crisis country restore its global standing

Lenders are optimistic two schemes to slash bad loans will win EU approval and fuel growth

New growers, the use of long-forgotten varieties and an export drive have buried retsina stereotype

Opportunities for Greek companies have become more attractive, despite heavy-handed bureaucracy

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Accord over Former Yugoslav Republic highlights crucial role of Greece in region’s stability

As new luxury facilities open on the back of buoyant growth, structural problems remain

Falling yields in Athens and a renewed market presence signal a recovery but the escape from junk status will still take time

The pool of seed funding is growing but companies still lack a collaborative culture

Country’s geography makes it prime territory for renewables but hinders plans to cut fossil fuel use

Like shipping, the country’s technology sector could flourish in a global market with the right people