Innovative Lawyers: Europe

In this edition: — the rule of law, legal equality and political freedom —the top 50 law firms and legal service providers; in-house legal teams ranked for innovation alongside firms; top 10 individual innovators; the rule of law and access to justice; and collaboration as a business model

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We are looking for examples of innovation in law and the business of law for the 2018 report and awards

The awards highlight the rule of law, in-house teams and original thinkers

Good ideas depend on willingness to experiment and recognition that everyone contributes

From the refugee crisis to advances in technology, our top 10 innovators are more than equal to complex challenges

Exploiting technology’s potential is a hallmark of forward-thinking

James Libson and Gina Miller interviewed together on Brexit, parliament and citizens’ rights

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Advocacy skills are in demand for legal and social causes

Technology is leading lawyers to reinvent their roles with some eye-catching joint ventures

A project-based model is more effective and cheaper in complex deals

Traditional charges and ways of working are under threat from more transparent and affordable alternatives

Lawtech pioneers focus on unearthing value in digital files and making sense of new EU privacy rules

The most innovative legal expertise is often close to home in organisations

Novel remedies to competition challenges ensure significant mergers went more smoothly

Nortel Networks and National Grid present two case studies in untangling complexity

Each entry is scored out of 10 for originality, leadership and impact for a maximum score of 30