India at 70

Seventy years after independence, prime minister Narendra Modi and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party seek to overhaul the economy thru modernisation and social change

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The prime minister wants to ‘purify the country’ but the shock of demonetisation has cast doubt over his methods

After a frenzy of bidding, fluctuating prices have begun to hit growth

Activists regret that little progress has been made on pollution and sanitation

From partition and independence to the rise of Narendra Modi

Seventy years later, India is wilfully frittering away its opportunities and influence

Funding by Chinese companies and SoftBank raises expectations

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Business confidence has been shaken by the government’s insistence that demonetisation has been a success

Millions of young Indians are heading online to make sense of their place in the world

After a successful effort to build more schools, the focus shifts to improving quality