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From genome-editing and digital surgery to the make-up of clinical trials and Cambridge’s future as a UK research hub, FT writers look at the latest developments in health R&D

Japan’s sleep-deprivation problems; NHS tries to incorporate health innovations; how smartphones can extend healthcare to remote areas; finding the optimal delivery platform for medical marijuana; marketing healthcare advice in Africa; using AI for drug research; and ‘social prescribing’ in support for therapy

Apply for Britain’s Healthiest Workplace: an annual survey ranking employers which also examines how to remedy poor health among employees. The deadline for registration is June 14. A special report featuring the final list and articles exploring health at work will publish on November 21 2019

Have blunt instrument drugs like chemotherapy had their day? Plus: genetic research makes personalised treatments a reality, the push to immunotherapy, apps that extend lives, the scourge of western lifestyles and the ‘toxicity’ of cancer drugs’ cost

On World Malaria Day, we report on a resurgence of the disease in Venezuela, the challenge to get reliable data on its spread and the latest on gene editing technology that could suppress carrier mosquitoes

Efforts to find a treatment or cure are intensifying as more drugs flunk trials. We also look at dementia’s growing financial burden, China’s big potential care market, and why some scientists are turning to Ayurvedic medicine

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There are few treatment options for orphan conditions, which affect only small numbers of patients. But scientists are zeroing in on particular genes to develop therapies that may give some hope

Growing and ageing populations around the world are creating stronger demand for healthcare. Yet limited money and out of date infrastructure mean policymakers in rich and poor countries alike are faced with the challenge of making sure their citizens have access to the resources they need

Vaccine research grows vigorously, propelled by rising world demand to fight existing diseases and to guard against new threats.

Angela Merkel puts health at the centre of the G20 agenda; antimicrobial resistance poses a threat to the global economy; South Africa reaches a crunch point in its fight against HIV; and why wellness is moving into the workplace