• Opinions

    A selection of business leaders, politicians and NGOs give their take on what to expect at this year’s WEF

  • Strategic balance

    Shifting power demands leadership, says David Miliband

  • Hot topics in a cold climate

    Seb Morton-Clark speaks to three of the FT’s Davos aficionados on the issues likely to be raised at the forum

  • Actions need to speak louder than words

    The forum should move beyond rhetoric and use its influence to broker practical solutions to the world’s economic woes, writes Patrick Jenkins

  • Pride before a fall

    Chris Giles warns against the dangers of complacency

  • The new model leaders

    Outdated approaches are not suited to a fast-paced world, says Klaus Schwab

  • Northern exposure

    The role emerging economies play in the global economy is set to increase, writes Arkady Dvorkovich

  • The economics of politics

    Changes in leadership and regimes will be watched closely, writes Gideon Rachman

  • The blame game

    The US fears its fragile economic recovery is under threat, says Gillian Tett

  • The east also rises

    Asian economies are doing well, but power has not quite shifted from the west, says Henny Sender

  • Confronting follies

    Martin Wolf considers the eurozone’s changing fortunes

  • Protect and promote

    The UK should mend fences with Europe and make new emerging market allies, writes Jonathan Ford