The appliance of agricultural science

Businesses are pushing futuristic schemes to help feed the world

Farming needs the best of old and new to avoid disaster

Hunger persists in parts of the world, yet more than 30% of food is wasted

US regulator reopens the debate over ‘healthy’ labelling

Producers and campaigners lock horns over rules on nutrition claims

Watchdogs weigh up pros and cons of seed mergers

Backers argue the merits of deals among agribusiness suppliers worth $240bn

Accord on eco-labelling boosts sustainable fishing

Regulators, agencies, retailers and suppliers are finding common ground

Silicon Valley makes room for new nourishment

Start-ups hope to wean us off meat by turning gloop into gold

How Africa can turn a food deficit to surplus

Water supplies and soil quality are key to meeting the threat of climate change to the continent

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