FT Intelligent Business

The ideas and people behind the integration of data, technology and professional services. Plus: when pictures replace text in contracts; data-driven overhaul of the public sector; tracing goods; and more than 60 case studies of disruption in action

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Overview: the Intelligent Business report showcases dramatic changes in how organisations operate

Pioneers use tech and data to change the way we do business

Answers to operational challenges at the intersection of tech and data

From health to trademarks to property ownership, authorities are rapidly changing how they operate

Big data and artificial intelligence will transform how the industry measures risk

Visuals and plain language make an adversarial process more constructive

More from this Special Report

Precise technological records will benefit anyone who needs to keep track, from small farmers in Africa to buyers of diamond rings

Legal start-ups are using tech and data to connect businesses with lawyers and gain more certainty on costs

Large accountancy firms shift from trying to compete head-on with Big Law

New legal tech tools promise to end a rite of passage working on contracts

The sector is embracing tech, but how do buyers choose between hundreds of jostling suppliers?

Five ‘newcomer’ case studies: tackling timekeeping, signatures and small claims

Five case studies: distributed ledger tech applied in banking, healthcare, legal services and transport

10 case studies: data strategies for speeding up processes

Five case studies: tools and advice for protection from ransomware crooks