FT Education: Children in the Developing World

At the heart of the global effort to improve educational attainment is a contradiction. Everyone supports the idea that providing quality education in developing countries is beneficial, but funding by both governments and aid donors continues to fall short

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Experts agree that funding learning is vital, yet aid continues to fall woefully short

In Turkey, poverty and isolation have forced thousands of children into work

The northern Nigeria leader has taken a tough stance against the regressive politics of Boko Haram

Poverty and droughts were no justification for inaction in the neglected town in Ceará state

Government pressure threatens an experiment in western-style education

Education should be made relevant to the lives and aspirations of the children it aims to teach

The former Australian PM warns of an ‘unbridgeable chasm’ ahead if giving falls short

Authorities say many rural schools are too remote for task forces to check if teachers are reporting for duty