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‘These awards have survived their infancy. We look forward to watching them grow’

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Vivid, abstract depictions of commercial life in Harare have earned international recognition

‘Writers have to challenge every kind of morality or virtue’, says the Indonesian writer

Street artists find new outlets for creative dissent

The photographer and sculptor uses his body to describe personal loss and collective trauma

Artists from all over the region are lured by political stability and economic freedom

In history’s ugly moments — war, censorship, oppression, political turmoil — artists are compelled to bear witness and break the silence

Since the fall of Suharto in 1998, authors have tried to broadcast an alternative version the country’s history

Publishers look beyond once dominant urban, anglophone names

Writers of both fiction and non-fiction have been repressed by state authorities and fundamentalists

Amid political volatility, literature is becoming more experimental and subversive

The silencing of influential liberal voices signals that a new cycle of censorship has begun under President Xi Jinping

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