Cyber Security

This three-part Cyber Security series covers Ecommerce, Artificial Intelligence and Data.

The final part of the series examines the importance of cyber security for ecommerce. The looming peak shopping period presents more opportunities for hackers; cyber insurance becomes mainstream; and the rise of quantum computing raises questions about encryption methods

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Hackers target distracted consumers and weak ecommerce defences

Insurers view digital security as a chance to expand despite uncertainty over risks

Fingerprints, facial scans, vein recognition and gait analysis among verification options

Cyber experts fear data security will be exposed by quantum tornado

Google ruling reinforces view that loss of data security and control harms consumers

Data leaks and regulatory fuel pressure for stricter regulation of tech groups

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Industry under pressure to bolster defences for nearly $6tn of 401(k) plans

Wider use of technology to screen travellers raises privacy and safety concerns

Social engineering becomes more sophisticated in convincing victims to co-operate

Businesses and governments targeted by cyber attacks, subversion and espionage

Internet-connected devices using fifth-generation mobile networks offer prime targets for criminals

Experts say critical facilities present attractive targets for hackers

Experts say attacks have switched from information gathering to offensives and disruption

Hack of a Boeing 757 has raised serious questions about aviation’s vulnerability to cyber attacks

Household appliances offer path to sophisticated systems through the IoT

A look at lessons everyone can learn from the professionals

The quantum threat comes just as the internet of things and 5G mobile connectivity are arriving, with higher security requirements

‘It’s going to take collective action to get the security outcomes we’re looking for’

Smartphone maker aims to use its reputation for privacy on smaller devices

Finding staff who have the right skills in both AI and cyber security demands new thinking on hiring

Machines do not yet cope well in adversarial situations

UK minister says patients must be reassured over risks of algorithms in accessing data

Labs are preparing to roll out automated tools that find security flaws posed by faulty computer code

AI lowers the cost of a data breach more than hiring an information security officer

Automatons without security safeguards can be weaponised

Online platforms are being used to buy and sell the tools to commit crime

Business schools add cyber to the curriculum as attacks become a boardroom matter

As exchanges increase security cyber crooks seek out new soft targets

Jens Stoltenberg on Article 5 and why cyber defence has become core to the alliance

Group’s experience is the latest signal for companies to get their breach notification plans in place

FBI and Europol increasingly co-operate with local crime units

Attackers spread malware through IT service providers