• Banking: walking away

    Fears are growing that some western European banks are planning to exit central and eastern Europe for good, writes Patrick Jenkins

  • Retail: food fight

    Domestically owned grocers are going upmarket in an effort to outflank the dominant foreign retailers, writes Thomas Escritt

  • Automobiles: speeding ahead

    Slovakia has worked hard to build a successful car industry – and is now reaping the rewards, writes John Reed

  • Infrastructure: the road forward

    The long-overdue upgrade of its dilapidated motorway network will go a long way to opening up Poland to additional investment, writes Jan Cienski

  • Transport: budget boom

    No-frills airlines such as Wizz Air have been vital in helping to transform a string of once-isolated cities in central and eastern Europe, writes Kester Eddy

  • Comment: back on the map

    Perhaps the biggest changes of all are aesthetic and psychological, writes Edward Lucas

  • Foreword: eastern promise

    Central and eastern European countries have made huge strides over the two decades since the end of the cold war, writes Robert Orr

  • Comment: bridging the divide

    It is time we began to think in terms of greater Europe, rather than of the former eastern and western blocs, writes John Lloyd

  • Sovereign debt: eurozone crisis takes centre stage

    The prospects for central and eastern Europe are intimately connected to the future of the single currency, says Tony Barber

  • West meets east

    Central and eastern Europe have changed almost beyond recognition since the cold war. Today, it is another – very different – crisis that threatens the region, says Neil Buckley

  • Politics: one step forward

    Although anti-EU sentiment is rising in Serbia, closer integration with the rest of Europe is the only viable option, says Neil MacDonald

  • Regeneration: difficult waters

    The decline of the Serbian stretch of the Danube mirrors the neglect of the waterway as a whole. Yet efforts are under way to restore the river to its former glory. By Neil MacDonald

  • Investment: cash advance

    Russian companies are keen to spend their wealth doing deals in central and eastern Europe, but not everyone welcomes them, writes Rachel Morarjee

  • Economy: new hope

    The country emerged battered and bruised from the financial crisis, but has now returned to growth, writes Neil Buckley

  • Economy: pole position

    Poland has turned its location to its advantage, unleashing a wave of entrepreneurship and helping sustain economic growth, writes Jan Cienski