Banking: walking away

Under pressure to shore up their finances, fears are growing that some western European banks are planning to exit central and eastern Europe for good, writes Patrick Jenkins

Transport: budget boom

No-frills airlines such as Wizz Air have been vital in helping to transform a string of once-isolated cities in central and eastern Europe, writes Kester Eddy

West meets east

Central and eastern Europe have changed almost beyond recognition since the cold war. Today, it is another – very different – crisis that threatens the region, says Neil Buckley

Regeneration: difficult waters

The decline of the Serbian stretch of the Danube mirrors the neglect of the waterway as a whole. Yet efforts are under way to restore the river to its former glory. By Neil MacDonald

Investment: cash advance

Russian companies are keen to spend some of their wealth doing deals in central and eastern Europe, but not everyone welcomes their presence, writes Rachel Morarjee

Economy: pole position

Poland has turned its location to its advantage, unleashing a wave of entrepreneurship and helping sustain economic growth, writes Jan Cienski