Albania playing catch-up

Europe’s most isolated country is moving closer to the rest of the continent but more work remains

Economy break

The record number of holidaymakers flocking to Croatia this year are a welcome boost to the country’s finances and an inspiration for its neighbours, reports Andrew MacDowall

Basket of promise

With some of the most fertile land in Europe, Ukraine has ambitions to be a leading player in world agriculture, says Roman Olearchyk

Seller’s market

Vladimir Putin has pledged to roll back state ownership and open up Russia to investors, but there are some important exceptions, says Isabel Gorst

High-speed delay

Poland has put its ambitious €6.3bn high-speed rail project on ice as the country seeks private sector investors, writes Mark Odell

Waiting for a train

Despite two decades of planning, construction of the Rail Baltica high-speed link remains some way off, reports Richard Milne

Better together

For the economies of central and eastern Europe, it is the health of Germany that is critical, writes Robert Orr