Hybrid consulting firms feed off digital fear

Threat of disruption from new competitors is driving growth

In-house consultancy teams challenge industry business models

Companies can solve many problems themselves, but independent advice can still be helpful

Mind does matter when it comes to generating trust

Consultants are looking at brain chemicals to help analyse leadership and workplace trust

Strategy specialists forced to amend their offering

Clients have become better educated and more sophisticated

Hunt for ‘bike and jeans’ brigade is the new priority

Staff need to combine digital skills with business savvy to gain clients

Truth behind the ‘vainies, brainies and Bainies’ labels

Founders’ influences run deep in the big-name consultancies

Big Four see new opportunity after Enron retreat

Technology is driving change as traditional firms tackle threats to their business models

More clients question whether firms deliver value for money

But some customers still lack clarity about what they expect consultants to be able to achieve

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