Changing face of advisers’ war for talent

Soldiers and weapons of the consultancy business are evolving

Competitors forced to work together to tackle complexity

The age of individual consultancies providing an end-to-end service is over

Pharma sector offers rich pickings for management consultants

An industry in flux has produced some bitter pills to swallow

Brexit effect brings good and bad tidings for consultants

Companies need advice but uncertainty means a fall in deals

Going solo as a consultant delivers rewards, but adds pressure

Flexibility, shorter hours and similar pay are behind a boom in freelancing

Explosion in data ushers in new high-tech era

Old-style consulting, with its PowerPoint presentations, is coming to an end

‘Massive bias’ stops advisers becoming bosses

Failures of a few consultant-run companies distract from the many successes

Good news for banks means bad news for their advisers

Consultants enjoyed a boom after the crisis, but the good times are coming to an end

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