Political upsets and lack of dynamism drive doubts in Austria

The country’s image has been harmed by electoral turmoil and the need for reform

Austrian foreign minister Sebastian Kurz on migrants and far right

Interview: ‘We are open to world’ despite reversal on refugees

Is Brand Austria a marketing asset or liability?

Companies find a strong national image can be both a ‘model and a corset’

Austria’s apparent affluence disguises underlying economic strains

High labour taxes, public spending and deficit policy are being questioned

Migrant crisis raises questions about Austria’s place in the world

Influx of refugees caused tensions with neighbours and at home

Austria’s rail system ‘like a heart that pumps heat around Europe’

Operator ÖBB’s grand claim reflects network’s central role, influence but high cost

Why Austria’s ‘hidden champion’ companies need support

Politicians must act to back niche manufacturers, says industry federation chief

Metals specialist Berndorf shines light on Austria’s hidden strength

A well-educated, versatile workforce can outweigh other problems

Austria’s sights move beyond the European markets

Neighbours make natural trading partners but some businesses look further afield

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