Brazil: the Road Ahead

The World Economic Forum ranks Brazil 72nd out of 138 economies for the quality of its infrastructure, ahead of neighbouring Argentina but well behind Mexico at 57th. Now, Latin America’s largest country has a chance to put that right before the next peak in the economy

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The country’s need for upgrades is urgent but, with government funds in short supply, opportunities abound for investors

Corruption and the lure of populism hang over the country ahead of an all-important presidential election in 2018

Success in curbing Brazilian inflation is just the first step in creating long-term stability for economic recovery

The FT and FGV Projetos gathered a panel of business leaders in São Paulo for a keynote discussion

Built to stimulate trade, the long-delayed link to French territory stands near-idle, a symbol of ill-disciplined spending on infrastructure projects

Ferrying freight from the centre-west to the northern ports is an arduous job. A promised new rail link is set to change that

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