Boldness in Business

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Boldness in Business Awards. Learn about both the victors and nominees, explore a retrospective of the past decade of winners and how they have fared, and some futurology on where those who are bold in business go from here.

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Being bold means taking calculated risks and showing resilience, as the fortunes — for better or worse — of our previous winners demonstrate

As the British engineer embarks on his boldest venture yet — to reinvent the car — he says the UK’s exit from Europe will only encourage innovation

The decade has produced many who have gone on to greater things, and some who found the going tough

The rapid rise of the mobile operator pulls millions of Indians into the digital age

The Indian company’s recruitment of disabled workers is improving not only their prospects but those of the business too

The company’s DNA kit has attracted controversy but gives people an unprecedented glimpse into their genome and future health

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The battery-maker is in pole position to seize on opportunities not just in automotives but low-carbon energy systems in general

The African poultry-breeding venture is not only boosting the livelihoods of people in rural areas but improving their nutrition too

A Swedish trio have tapped into several trends with their eco-friendly, organic coffee business in a bike

Forecasts often fall flat but there are plenty of areas bursting with potential

Thirty-six companies were nominated for this year’s prizes. Nine judges deliberated.