UK to close aerospace deals at Farnborough despite EU vote

UK is under pressure to show its support for the aerospace sector at key trade fair

UAVs, AR and ALM compete for attention in Farnborough

Disruptive technologies are making a bigger blip on Farnborough’s radar

Iata boss Tony Tyler says new aviation agreements must come in a post-Brexit world

Iata’s Tony Tyler says the focus should be firmly on maintaining the benefits of connectivity

Rise in aircraft demand forces supply chain to modernise

Delivery problems have long bedevilled the industry

New European aerospace engines and parts address environmental concerns

New European aerospace technologies address environmental concerns

Helicopter projects balance speed with safety

The advantage of cutting overall journey times is often undone by limited top speeds

Nano-satellites dominate space and spread spies in the skies

Start-ups race to establish networks of smaller satellites

Robots’ debut in aerospace production lines create new human jobs

Increasing demand is driving the need for efficiency gains, but machines cannot do it all

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