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Manjunath Mural / Restauranteur

Finding Inspiration in the Foodie Scene

Manjunath Mural had always presumed his future lay in medicine. But the allure of tantalising spices, exotic produce and powerful flavours proved too strong to resist, and Chef Mural found his true calling in the realm of gastronomy.


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Influenced by his global culinary experiences, Manjunath has perfected his craft along the way, even winning a prestigious Michelin star as executive chef at the Singapore restaurant Song of India. His reputation precedes him, and he has acted as consultant and guest chef for a variety of food festivals and restaurants, everywhere from China to Australia. Now based full-time in Singapore, attracted by its renowned culture of good food, Manjunath has recently opened Modern Indian restaurant ADDA, which offers a more informal take on Indian cuisine.

Inspired by Singapore’s vibrant and innovative foodie scene, as well as well-known names such as Chef Malcolm Lee at Candlenut and Chef Han Li Guang at Labyrinth, Manjunath sees Singapore as a catalyst for reinventing and energising his work. While Covid-19 restrictions continue to challenge top chefs and restaurateurs, Manjunath has decided to focus on casual, experimental dishes, such as ADDA's top-rated dish, Charred Laksa Salmon, which demonstrates his love of and respect for Singaporean cuisine – including its street or hawker food. In a changing world, Manjunath continues to pursue his life’s work, providing customers with affordable world-class cuisine.

I think Covid has made us change our perception. We have to be open to new ideas

Manjunath Mural