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Changing times in logistics: The client as the key to a portfolio’s success

Following the dramatic rise in e-commerce, Montepino is expected to become the Spanish logistics developer with the highest growth potential in Europe

In recent years, e-commerce activities have increased exponentially, and while all the data pointed towards good prospects for the sector, no one expected the results to be so positive or so fast. In effect, the health emergency caused by COVID-19 has led to an explosion of e-commerce which is beating all the records, creating a pattern in society which has changed consumer habits forever.

The logistics sector must adapt and reinvent itself to meet the changes e-commerce is bringing to society. This era of online sales is bringing about a new relationship between end users (including workers) and goods with logistics buildings, in which work is being performed around the clock, seven days a week. As stated by Juan José Vera, the Director-General of Montepino Logística, "these new ways of working, which require more workers and increasingly specialised staff, have created new needs. The new speed that e-commerce demands is leading to a rapid automation of the sector, and therefore in addition to the layouts of buildings, their aesthetic is also now being taken into account, becoming a fundamental part of any project."

Montepino Logística, one of the largest logistics developers and asset managers in Spain, is pioneering the professionalisation of the sector in the country through adapting their platforms to our new reality. Its full portfolio, which will exceed 23 platforms by the end of 2021, has been developed over the last three years to represent the latest in logistics. In this sense, it consists of a set of assets under two years old designed within homogeneous, new and modern quality parameters, featuring both Big Box or XXL logistics platforms and also smaller urban last-mile hubs. These platforms are positioned very near to the biggest cities in Spain (largely along the Madrid – Zaragoza – Barcelona route) in strategic locations, open to the rest of the continent.

All these assets, which are state-of-the-art in terms of technology, the environment and comfort, allow their tenants to provide a more efficient service with a lower impact on the environment, and are at the forefront of innovation, security and sustainability within the sector. This is demonstrated by the fact that the entire portfolio meets international standards – something "unusual within the sector," according to Vera – featuring installations which have been awarded LEED certifications for quality and sustainability, including a fire protection system which was also endorsed by the Factory Mutual (FM) certification.

However, if there's one thing that makes the Montepino portfolio stand out, it's their customer service. "When we talk about the quality of the portfolio, we aren't just referring to the quality of the assets themselves: the buildings, the technical and environmental breakthroughs... we are also talking about the quality of our operators and our tenants. We work with the best operators who require logistics solutions," Juan José Vera explained. All Montepino buildings are suited to the requirements of their tenants, with wider spaces and heights adapted to the current reality for logistics, a larger storage capacity in square metres and manoeuvring areas which allow mega trailers to access all its platforms.

Montepino works closely with all its clients, which include one of the largest global textile groups, several multinational logistics companies and a leading e-commerce company, throughout the full project process, with fluid communication and personalised services. This has allowed the company to establish long-term relationships based on trust with each one, with a WAULT to break of over 8.3 years across just 10 leases and 8 clients.

Montepino's commitment to adapting the quality of its portfolio to the needs of its tenants contributes to their growth and responds to important factors such as the exponential growth of online sales. It also strengthens its position as the Spanish logistics developer with the strongest growth prospects in Europe over the coming years and as one of the asset managers with the highest value creation.

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