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Building on innovation, well-being and sustainability

Montepino Logística provides platforms with lower costs, CO2 emissions and water and energy consumption

In just six years, Montepino Logística, one of the leading logistics developers and asset managers in Spain, has exceeded its target of developing one million square metres of Spanish soil and become the largest logistics developer in the country, as well as one of the top 10 largest in Europe. It has achieved these goals without abandoning its company philosophy, based on innovation, technology and sustainable construction. "We believe in a new way of building, based on innovation, well-being and sustainability. Our efficient designs, which help optimise our supply chain and satisfy our clients' growth needs, have received the highest certifications and international awards," explained Juan José Vera, the Director-General of Montepino.

The reduction in operating costs and CO2 emissions by 39%, the lowered water and energy consumption and the effective management of solid waste, while simultaneously guaranteeing comfortable and healthy conditions inside the buildings, are constant factors in all Montepino logistics platforms. Its building designs take into account factors that improve efficiency, such as position, the selection of construction materials, natural ventilation and climatisation strategies which help to lower energy costs in the building, while also applying technological systems to monitor the occupation of the building, controlling lighting or heating and generating an energy saving of up to 40%.

As part of its focus on sustainability, the logistics company has committed to the use of renewable energy from the very beginning, and to solar energy in particular. 5% of its total energy demand is met through on-site renewable energy, thanks to the installation of solar panels on its roofs, while a reduction in the use of water resources in its buildings is also a constant feature in Montepino designs. "We are implementing a strategy to reduce the use of drinking water both inside and outside buildings, monitoring and studying consumption to analyse potential water savings in our buildings. Nor do we forget the efficiency of fixtures and sanitary installations, the maintenance of which is fundamental to guaranteeing our water efficiency policy," Juan José Vera stated.

5% of its total energy demand is met through on-site renewable energy, thanks to the installation

International certifications and awards

Since 1993, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification programme (LEED), developed by the US Green Building Council, has been seeking to promote the construction and design of all kinds of healthy, hard-wearing and environmentally sound buildings. It is based on a number of rules under a set of standards for energy efficiency, the use of alternative energy, interior quality, water consumption, material selection and sustainable development. One of its quality and sustainability certifications, the LEED 2009 Green Building certification, has been awarded to 100% of Montepino projects.

Another organisation working to assess the environmental and social performance of real-estate companies by measuring factors relating to energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water and waste, among others, is the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). Montepino Logística has been participating in this initiative since March 2020, creating its own Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility. It has thus become the first unlisted company in Spain to measure its level of sustainability through this programme. 

"Creating innovative, sustainable designs to develop the logistics of the future in the present has become part of our identity, and this is demonstrated through the quality seals which verify our commitment, such as our LEED certifications, the GRESB programme and the WELL certification. We develop visionary logistics projects, always adapted to each individual client's needs for comfort, digitalisation, automation or robotisation," concluded the Director-General of Montepino.

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