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The World’s Most Expensive Chandeliers

When you hear the name ‘Clive Christian’ you could easily imagine fabulous interiors or expensive perfume, one thing is for sure you will most certainly think British Luxury.

As the first designer to have been recognised by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as a Designer of British Luxury Goods with his Diamond Jubilee accolade, Clive Christian OBE knows a thing or two about creating an extraordinarily luxurious product, and this time he wished to create something that had never been seen before, something magnificent and crafted to the highest, most exacting standards - his own.

Clive has turned his attentions to creating a collection of fine chandeliers to bring the ultimate piece of jewellery for the home into being, now available exclusively through

Twenty Four Thousand Diamonds

Heralded as the world’s most expensive chandeliers the grandest incarnation of The Masterpiece Collection is the breathtaking 24-arm chandelier which holds 24,000 individually hand cut and set natural white diamonds nestled within solid gold flames, atop classical Wedgwood blue Jasperware candles.

As a true pioneer of luxury design, Clive Christian OBE has for the first time incorporated the unrivalled brilliance of diamonds into his Masterpiece chandeliers. This unique placement of Mother Nature’s most precious jewel enables the playful refraction and reflection of light from morning to night and across each of the flames.

A majestic sight to behold and a true work of art. Masterpiece by name and masterpiece by nature.

Carved Crystal Oak Leaves

At a time when we are all especially appreciative of our homes and spending more time there than ever before, it has never been more appropriate to ensure that we surround ourselves with elegant comfort and inspiring beauty.

The Four Seasons chandelier collection celebrates the natural beauty of Mother Nature with a delicate nod to the turning of the seasons when crafting this intricate collection of hand cut crystal chosen for its clarity and brilliance.

The crystal droplets are carved in the familiar shape of the oak leaf which has been a symbol of power, strength, hospitality and legacy since antiquity. Just as the lion is the King of Beasts so the oak is the King of Trees.

From the fresh, verdant first shoots of Spring; the endless blue hues of Summer skies; the soft warmth of Autumn leaves and the crisp, frosty Winter whites each of The Four Seasons Chandeliers delicately complements the colour palette of the British seasons with Oak Leaf droplets taking on these colours and classic white Wedgwood Jasperware candles topped with ivory silk shades.

Jewellery For The Home

Just as the perfect suite of jewellery can complement or overpower the wearer, lighting can make or break an environment and the perfect lighting can truly lift and enhance a space, transforming its energy and atmosphere. Like the parade of chandeliers in the Hall of Mirrors in The Palace of Versailles, the Dale Chihuly creation at the entrance to The Victoria & Albert Museum and indeed the vast chandelier that falls to the stage during Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of The Opera a chandelier has the power to enthral and entrance. The Officer chandeliers are destined to take their own place in history and are designed to bring a timeless elegance and a breathtaking, show-stopping moment to the most beautiful dwelling places in the world.

Brand Ambassador Victoria Christian

Brand Ambassador, Victoria Christian, says, “It is such a pleasure and privilege to be working alongside my father seeing his creativity and vision shine from the heart of a family business.

The new chandelier collections are a perfect accompaniment to The Officer’s concierge services which make available the artists, artisans and specialists that Clive Christian OBE has relied upon to create his signature ‘Chandelier Interiors’ in the world’s finest homes.”

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