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Versatile jewellery worth investing in

Forget trends or luxury, versatility is the true tenant of great style. If you're investing in a new piece of jewellery, it should be one you'll be able to style many different ways without ever getting tired of it. When designing her eponymous signature piece, Alice van Cal considered the modern customer's needs for modularity and versatility. The result? A high-quality, multi-wear piece that offers more bounce for the ounce.

4 jewels in 1

With a constellation of brilliant-cut stones revolving around its central jewel, The Alice reflects the infinite number of possibilities that await us in every moment. The innovative (patent pending) clip pendant offers the versatility to wear the jewel in any way you choose: as a necklace, a bracelet, a hand jewel or an earring drop, reminding us of the need for adaptability in our approach to life. It took four years and over one hundred prototypes to achieve this signature piece: testament to the rewards that come with perseverance. (The Alice clip pendant comes with an adjustable 18K gold chain and an earring extension which slots in any pair of studs.)

Available in a multitude of gemstone combinations, from Sapphire and Diamond to Opal and Aquamarine, in a round and oval shape, The Alice gives centre stage to its hero stone. Embedded into the brand ethos is the belief that we can benefit from the energy of each gem, and that our instincts will guide us towards the one that can answer our current needs. Versatile jewellery can be worn in many different ways, making you feel like you’re discovering a new item of jewellery every time so you never get tired of it. This is especially beneficial as jewellery, when worn every day, can help us remember our personal goals and have a reassuring symbolism.

Be playful, mix & match

One of the most important principles of sustainability is to use what you already have, so how about customizing the jewellery that you already possess? Most women own a pair of delicate studs, classic and timeless they go with everything. It’s with this in mind that Alice challenged herself to create a piece that would compliment a classic solitaire stud, and the Halo was born.

Light-hearted and colourful, the Halo earring jackets transform a simple solitaire stud into an imaginative new piece for your collection, allowing you to elevate your earrings with a playful reminder of life’s joys. To style your studs, simply slip the pin through the Halo. Let your inner child play as you mix and match halos and stones from our Halo & Studs collection.

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