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Organizations must rapidly evolve to deliver continuous value

"As leaders, the paradigm we are in now is that we need to continuously look to add value to our organization,” says Tristan Rogers. He should know. As Head of Strategy and Portfolio for Applications and Multi-Cloud at Fujitsu UK, Rogers has witnessed first-hand the benefits of using digital capabilities to adapt at speed to unforeseen change — and the risks for firms that do not.

“We need to continuously transform,” he says. “And, rather than looking at digital transformation as a discrete piece of work within the organization, it needs to be looked at as a number of iterative projects that come together to meet a desired outcome.”

Now, more than ever, being digital to the core is vital to businesses’ adaptiveness. Why is that? And how can firms overcome legacy and technical debt to digitalise and deliver continuous value?

In this interview, Rogers joins Megan Wright, Senior Editor at Longitude, to discuss what it takes to put digital at the heart of a business — and why it is often easier said than done.

Fujitsu: Building adaptability through human-centric innovation

To survive and thrive in times of rapid disruption, being able to continuously evolve at pace is essential. Through human-centric innovation, Fujitsu helps organizations worldwide to accelerate iterative yet holistic change that increases business, customer and societal value.

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