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Business leaders take caution: Be adaptive or be at risk

Adaptability is not business news, but it is business critical — if the events of the past year are anything to go by.

“In 2020, we all went through a period of crisis like never before, and adaptability went from an aspiration to a fundamental survival trait,” says Brad Mallard, Chief Technology Officer for Digital Services at Fujitsu.

While Fujitsu’s research shows that 77 percent of leaders say they need to react faster when faced with market uncertainty such as the Covid-19 crisis, the actions of many organizations often tell a very different story.

“I would not disagree with anybody who says they are working at pace, because you have to in this Covid world,” says Mallard. “But I think the difficulty that most organisations are facing is how to do that sustainably.”

In this discussion, Mallard joins Megan Wright, Senior Editor at Longitude, to explore the role of rapid, sustainable transformation in enabling enterprise-wide adaptability — and gives a nod to the sectors that are getting it right.

Fujitsu: Building adaptability through human-centric innovation

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