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Policy must be about justice as well as growth, as mainstream politics has learnt

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A level playing field has boosted the power of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google

Democrats could benefit from the moral high ground, but some fear a backlash


FT research shows that the weekly hit to the British economy could be the same £350m that Leave campaigners promised to claw back

Passengers and patients could benefit if local authorities mimic platform networks

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A call for change from an economist critical of governments’ embrace of free trade

Free Lunch Martin Sandbu

Talks on future UK-EU relations remain riddled by contradictions

The IEA has made itself an indispensable source of facts and ideas

It is ordinary citizens who will pay the biggest price if the result of the FCC’s decision is the creation of a two-tier internet

A cruel nickname, but given Theresa May’s reputation for ruthlessness sympathy was limited

The cyclical recovery has deflected attention from a series of unresolved issues

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