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The core ideas that have sustained foreign policy for decades are under attack from rising nationalism

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Lost in the London v Europe dogfight is a larger truth — the market is global, not regional

Rise in cases shows it is time for systematic scrutiny of algorithms that determine behaviour

Remainer parties should co-operate in European Parliament polls

Britain needs to look open for business just as politics and the public have become less amenable

‘Rougai’ reflects a feeling that the young are being outnumbered and harassed by the old

Enthusiasts see soft power potential of costume intrigues set in dynastic palaces

Instant InsightBen Hall

Whether comedian Volodymyr Zelensky is really his own man may soon become apparent

The success or failure of efforts to inject dynamism into the country will affect the whole world

Britain could end up being one of the most interesting and revolutionary places

Senior people rise to the top by mastering metrics in their sector, shaping the way they look at the world

China’s Belt and Road Initiative has had drawbacks elsewhere

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