Italy’s threat to Europe’s future

Events set off by Renzi’s defeat could endanger the euro and risk a financial crisis

Italy’s young people vote against vested interests

The country leaves itself vulnerable to a crisis to implement change

Candid continentals confound Britain’s artful ironists

There is cultural refusal to believe EU leaders mean what they say about exit terms

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Rewrite tax regimes to spur greater investment

Reluctance to buy into ideas is harming the economy and stunting innovation

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How to redirect easy money and encourage banks to lend

The problem with normalising monetary policy is the eurozone economy is not normal

Trump’s dangerous provocation over Taiwan

The president-elect should assume office before changing policy

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VW’s service will be a clean competitor to Uber and buses, writes John Gapper

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The No vote threatens banking stability but there is hope, writes Patrick Jenkins

Trump’s tax plans favour the rich and will hamper economic growth

The proposals would threaten to increase federal debt and interest rates

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Counting the cost of India’s cash shortage

Notebook: The government’s decision to ban small banknotes affects everyone

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Markets have done central banks’ tightening for them

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