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Upstarts such as Jio in India and Iliad in France offer more to consumers than oligopolies

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Washington will slow or stop measures that could boost US growth

Despite the White House’s protectionist rhetoric, there is rising confidence south of the border — why?

Every starving nation is different but all need economic help — and to stop fighting

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The Starbucks founder’s farewell message as boss sounds a lot like a stump speech

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Political statements can backfire, but speaking out is the responsible course

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It might take a communist leader to convince Trump of the merits of free trade

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Notebook: The Kurdish impresario behind a culinary hub where food and politics meet

Young minds need help to build defences against propaganda and conspiracy theories

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But experts at the central bank know well the dangers of a eurozone exit

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In the digital age we still need companies but staff are harder to define

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Marijuana is legal in many US states but tax rules are stifling its revenue potential

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