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In the first in a series, regulators fear that looser lending standards for lowly-rated companies could precipitate the next downturn

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Understanding Angela Merkel’s would-be successor as chancellor

Consolidation is needed to keep it attractive to investors

Trump takes the heat but Beijing is hardly a champion of internationalism

The EU will not bend on the withdrawal deal, even through fear of disruption

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The UK lender has wrangled for decades over whether to maintain its investment bank. Now an activist investor is trying to force the issue

Politicians should make it easier to nominate board directors

Behind the political theatre is the shadow of France’s continued involvement

Orcel affair is a sign of how hard it is to get remuneration policy right

Compromise was always a British virtue but time is running out to prove that is still the case

Other African leaders have rallied to his cause after huge electoral fraud

Voters need decisive action, and soon. The alternative is greater disillusionment

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