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The German leader’s speech was a blunder and risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy

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In an echo of the subprime housing crash, delinquencies of US car loans are rising amid allegations of mis-selling

Rouhani must focus on making financial institutions fit for foreign investment

10 days to go: why Corbyn’s historic remarks matter

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The ease with which Muslim men can end a marriage is under fire from women’s groups and BJP

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Politicians should not count on the public to suffer economic pain on the way to Brexit

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The ‘winner takes all’ business model is not the best match for our digital futures

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But the prime minister finds it hard to face up to difficult trade-offs

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Our behaviour is altered by seismic events — Americans now save more and spend less

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The region’s leaders have a particular responsibility to take action

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Borrowing in the US is at record highs but the phenomenon is a far wider problem

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