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Investors weigh imminent balance sheet shrinking against softer inflation outlook


Xetra Dax underperforms as financial and export stocks fall

Mumbai keen for companies to sell debt and reduce dependence on bank loans


CEO McVey says claims by rival Tradeweb are ‘not up to industry standard’

Key questions over the balance sheet and the inflation target remain unanswered

Adena Friedman’s comments come after the exit of John Shay as head of fixed income

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Canadian banks have turned to Europe’s covered bond market for mortgage funding

Smart Money John Authers

Europe lacks huge tech sector that has driven earnings growth stateside

Photo of John Authers
Trading Post Kate Allen

Why UK government debt investors should be cautious

Markets Insight David Sheppard

Cartel will welcome 15% rise in the price from June’s low but it is no time to relax

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